• Easily store and organize your AR-15 magazines
  • Mount in your gun safe, weapons room or ammo locker
  • Magazines snap in/out for secure protection against accidental damage
  • Be safe and responsible by organizing your mags in one location

Testimonials About Mag Storage Products

"Your racks are great! They are my favorite way to store magazines and are very versatile. Not only have I used them for the recommended mags, I have also found that they will work for may mags that are not listed. In the pistol versions I have stored, Colt SMG mags, B&T mags, Sten mags, and other assorted 9mm smg type mags. The AR racks work great for MP5 curved mags, and 10/22 25 and 30 round mags. Other similar sized mags (GSG22) also fit quite nicely. The AK racks have held every type of AK mag that I have tried to put in them, Bulgarian, Tapco, IMI, etc. Thanks for the great product."

Zach H
Springfield, MO

"Concerning your AR-15 Mag Holders, here at the 19th Special Forces Group, we deploy continuously around the world to combat terrorism. We needed a product that could be used in a load out room that was easy to install and also gave access to ammo in the event QFG is needed. Magstoragesolutions makes a great product!"

Mike 19th SFG(A)

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